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Monday, 19 June 2017


Hello everyone!  Today I want to talk upon..

Now, many Indians do not deny, or shy away from conversations relating to eve-teasing, sexual assaults or rape. It’s not just a topic it's a story of every 2nd girl. What is a Age of a girl does not matter for a man. It may be of 5 years old or 45 years old. Every man thinks that they have right to rule on women because women are weak than men. But it is not true, women have right to live in safe environment where they do not have to fear of any man and they could live freely. Every 2nd girl harassed by men. Nobody take the responsibility of a victim girl. Men harassed women physically or mentally in front of people but they didn’t take any stand for women. Even if women are crying and want help from others. Nobody will come to help them. Everyday newspaper filled with rape cases, eve-teasing, girl harassment; torture a married girl for dowry etc. But why is this happen again and again? Nobody has right to touch somebody without his or her permission. But some men are like evil that touch the women without asking them. Victims are live like they did crime. And people who did crime are live like free. She takes time to move on her old lifestyle, for mind stability, and for physical stability too. It may be our guardian’s fault because they taught us that every girl has to sacrifice their life for others and ignore the torture and harassment from evils. Every girl has to tolerate the misbehavior of others. They should keep quiet when somebody teases them. This is the mentality of our society that boys can do anything wrong and girl should accept it. There are so many cases of dowry where many girls commit suicide after marriage and some girls tolerate everything till their death. Some greedy people kill girls for dowry. I heard some news of acid attack in which a boy loves a girl and girl don’t like him then he threw acid on her face. What can she do now? We all remember the Delhi case. Girl raped by 5-6 men while traveling in a bus. She was died after some days. That’s why women safety is important for girls. Girls should know how to save themselves in every situation. We should motivate them so that they feel confident.  Being a girl we should know how to self defense. Girl can also learn karate and martial arts. We have right to fight. Girl should also carry a pepper spray which is a good option. And also we should aware every girl about right or wrong. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and safe your daughter, mother or may be no one.